How to Install Whatsapp in Debian Linux

Whatsapp is on apllication enjoyable in our life now. WA can be used on cellphones, tablets and PCs. to install Whatsapp dekstop on your PC,Please follow the step-by-step process and instructions below:

1.You can download aplication in here DOWNLOAD . and then explore in your download folder or you want to download use terminal emulator, please clik terminal in apllication.

2. doubel clik on file installer.

3. Click install Package now

the installation will running, please wait until the current installation is finished

4. Click Close on Installation Finished tab

the application was installed, you can look at this picture in status: same version is already installed.

5. please click on the Applications above, WA was intalled on application > internet > Whatsapp

Scan your barcode and enjoy WA desktop, Please.

it’s very simpel and easy to do. thanks you so much. we will meeting in other easy and newbe tutorial.