Use Easy Youtube Downloader Add On to Download Youtube Video

Easy youtube downloader is one addons browser to download video in youtube. it’s very easy and simple to used in our browser. we can download videos in any format like mp4, mp3 etc. okay to install in our browser, follow step by step :

1. Please open your browser, I use mozilla firefox in this tutorial.

2. Type Easy Youtube Downloader in address bar mozilla firefox, and then press enter

3. Click Easy…..

4. Clik +add to firefox (+tambah ke firefox)

5. Click Add

6. Ceklist in the box and then click Oke go it

7. Open youtube in your browser and select any video .

below the video appears Download As…(MP4,MP3 etc), choose the format you like and then click save. the download process will run.

8. Finish, Enjoy!