Use Kazam to record a video or a take screenshot of our screen

Kazam is an aplication to record a video or a take screenshot of our screen. we can use it to make anything enjoyable. There are many applications that we can use to make videos or just take pictures of our desktop screens. such as camtasia studio, ocam, bandicam,ActivePresenter, voko screen, obs studio and so on. Kazam is one of them. Kazam has very attractive features and is easy to use, especially for users of Linux-based operating systems.

Kazam provides an alternative to the multimedia world. For me, Kazam can make it easier to prepare learning media. The current pandemic era requires us to be creative in taking advantage of opportunities in the world of education. we can use kazam as a medium of learning at school. Moreover, video is one of the choices that many students like to make it easier to understand the subject matter at school.

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kazam is from now on available from Ubuntu universe repository. stable PPA is provided for  convenience only, so you don’t have for lates releases to show in Ubuntu repositories. you can look at 

Stable PPA –
Unstable PPA –

on this occasion, I would like to give a simple tutorial on how to use kazam as a medium to assist teachers in providing subject matter at school. the steps are as follows:

First, download kazam at or we can also take it from the software manager which is available on all Linux operating systems, especially the Debian or Ubuntu family.

Second, open kazam which is already installed on our computer. click start, select multimedia and click kazam. or directly click 2x on the kazam icon on the desktop of our computer screen.

then a display like this will appear on our computer screen.

Third, please click screencast, fullscreen and tick the mouse cursor, sound from speaker and sound from microphone boxes.

– mouse cursor : to activate the mouse cursor

– sound from speaker: to activate our computer speakers

– sound from microphone: to activate our computer microphone, so that our voices can be recorded properly.

and than click Capture

Fourth, Pay attention to the red circle in the video shot icon above. the red mark indicates that the video recording process by kazam is running. to end the recording process, please click the red circle and select finish recording. if you want to pause, please click pause recording. see picture below.

After clicking Finish, a screen like the image below will appear. select Save for later and than please click continue to save our video recording.

please write the name of our video recording, on this occasion I give the name “Latihan membuat rekaman video dengan kazam”. the video format is automatically mp4. for the “Edit with” menu option, it is used if we want to edit our recordings before saving.

and then click Save

the results of our video recordings will be stored in the video folder on our computer. please open windows explorer to access and enjoy the recorded video.

then to turn off kazam please click quit or click the cross on the kazam application that is still open on our computer screen.

Thus a simple tutorial about Kazam, may be useful for all of us. if there is an error please forgive. there is no ivory that is not cracked. watermelon fruit apples, his name is also human. not free from mistakes, mistakes and sins. May God always protect us from all bad things.